Injured on Public or Private Property? Your Next Steps Checklist

To receive treatment or compensation after injury or accident in a public or private place, the injured person – or trusted support person – will need to take a few immediate steps. To help make this process as simple and stress-free as possible, the Legal GP have summarised the key steps below. Read on! If you are injured in a public or private place there are several steps that you should take as soon as possible to best protect your interests. If you’re unable to perform some of these actions due to your injury, ask a trusted companion, friend, relative or witness to [...]

Minimising Dollar Dispute and Maximising Dollar Recovery

Often, commercial financial disputes and difficulties recovering funds don’t involve complex legal problems – rather, they involve practical problems poorly handled. In today’s blog, Mark Ryan shares some of the commercial problems and solutions he has encountered in his years of practise as the Legal GP. Read on! Always document what you have agreed upon, at the very least in simple terms. Record parties’ names, addresses and essential obligations – such as supply methods and payment. This document does not have to be word processed or specially formatted to be effective and enforceable by law. Handwritten in lead pencil in a notebook or [...]

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Explaining The Relationship Between Divorce, Separation and Property Settlements

As the Legal GP, Mark Ryan is often engaged to formalise a division of assets around divorce or separation. In these cases, it’s important for parties to understand where and how a property settlement sits in the timeline of divorce or separation, and what they’ve agreed upon. Today’s blog aims to explain the relationship between divorce, separation and property settlements. Read on. Divorce. “Divorce” is the formal, legal termination of a civil contract of marriage and it is ‘no-fault’; meaning that the law/court does not consider why the marriage ended, rather granting a divorce because of “irretrievable breakdown”. This is the only ground [...]

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