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I naturally want to help

I’m naturally motivated to help people who have been hurt or damaged — personally or commercially— to rectify their situation; being on ‘the wrong end of the stick’. They may have been injured by a reckless driver or a careless employer, or simply ‘ripped off’ by others who don’t care, cheat, or are more powerful or wealthy than they are. It’s not fair that lives are changed or damaged in those situations – and if I can fix that with the law I want to, and will if I can. Whatever the law can give my clients, I want to get it.

It’s just the right thing to do, and helping people who’ve been harmed to ‘win’ gives me great satisfaction.

Driven by a sense of purpose

Principled, practical and caring, Mark is a careful listener with thorough attention to detail.

“You really need to get down and dig deep for details. This digging helps me to identify if there’s a sustainable claim, and to understand the extent of the damage or loss.”

In practice for over 30 years, I’ve successfully achieved substantial compensation for people injured in road and work accidents and in public places. I’ve negotiated property settlements for couples whose relationship has ended; won unfair dismissal claims; recovered small business debts and secured distributions for family members left out of or not properly provided for in a will. I’m proud to have conducted a successful criminal court appeal that released a man unfairly imprisoned.

These professional achievements have given me great personal satisfaction, and a sense of purpose every day.

Legal GP is #HereToHelp.

With the right lawyer, anything is possible

Mark Ryan the Legal GP is here to help those in north central Victoria and southern Riverina New South Wales claim personal injury compensation and other financial entitlements from relationship breakdowns, will challenges and dollar disputes.

Personal Injury Compensation

Whether you’ve been hurt at work, on the road or in another circumstance, Mark Ryan will, obligation-free, assess the potential of your claim. If it’s a ‘goer’, Mark will pursue it ‘No Win – No Fee’. Compensation won’t take away the pain, but it can help you to achieve some comfort and make other things easier.
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Dollar disputes can be time-consuming and costly. It’s critical to assess the probable court result and commercial reality by making a ‘cost benefit analysis’ early in proceedings – especially in matters that may end up in court because the costs of both parties become relevant to the eventual result.
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Divorce &
Family Law

Relationship breakdowns are never easy or pleasant. The Legal GP can negotiate a final property division efficiently and quickly either by court order or a Binding Financial Agreement. Mark can also prepare an agreement before or during the relationship to avoid potential trouble later.
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The Legal GP won’t waste your time or your money

Mark will carefully assess the potential of your claim or matter and meet with you to discuss possible outcomes before proceeding when you feel satisfied with his approach.

The Legal GP welcomes your call or email.

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