Minimising Dollar Dispute and Maximising Dollar Recovery

Often, commercial financial disputes and difficulties recovering funds don’t involve complex legal problems – rather, they involve practical problems poorly handled. In today’s blog, Mark Ryan shares some of the commercial problems and solutions he has encountered in his years of practise as the Legal GP. Read on! Always document what you have agreed upon, at the very least in simple [...]

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Compensation Reforms Resulting From The Royal Commission Into Institutionalised Responses To Child Sexual Abuse

As the Legal GP, Mark Ryan is willing and able to act on behalf of parties who may be seeking compensation for the impacts of institutional child abuse. It’s important to note that there have been recent reforms to the ways in which a victim can access compensation, providing greater protection and discretion where necessary. These compensation schemes are available without [...]

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Explaining The Relationship Between Divorce, Separation and Property Settlements

As the Legal GP, Mark Ryan is often engaged to formalise a division of assets around divorce or separation. In these cases, it’s important for parties to understand where and how a property settlement sits in the timeline of divorce or separation, and what they’ve agreed upon. Today’s blog aims to explain the relationship between divorce, separation and property settlements. Read [...]

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What am I entitled to? Your compensation claim checklist.

  Victoria and New South Wales have some well-developed compensation schemes in place for injured people. The most basic of these cover medical, hospital and associated expenses, some loss of income  – however, many people don’t know what they may also be entitled to beyond the basics, or how to claim these entitlements. In this circumstance, it’s best to chat with an expert. [...]